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About Me

My name is Danielle and I'm a proud mama to a little boy, Connor!
I'm an Infant and Toddler Sleep Specialist certified through Pediatric Sleep Academy.

In January of 2022, I took on the best job title I'll ever have: mama! My husband and I welcomed Connor into our lives, and absolutely nothing could be better. But that doesn't mean it's always smooth sailing, especially when it comes to sleep.

Like many new parents, those sleepless nights started to take a toll on us. That's when I decided to make sleep a priority for our entire family. The quality sleep was not only transformative for Connor, but it also helped us become more present, happy, and well rested parents!

My mission now is to support other families who are struggling with sleep. Sleep training does NOT mean cry it out! 
I'll work closely with you and your family and come up with a personalized approach to help achieve your sleep goals.

If you're ready for some ZZZ's, reach out!

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